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Richard M. Howard grew up in the Mid-West. He became a certified SCUBA
diver at age 13. In his early twenties, Rich became frustrated that he could not
share what he saw under the sea with his friends. His first underwater camera
was a Nikonos V. Nearly 32 years later, Rich still is sharing his underwater
world. A retired PADI SCUBA instructor, Rich has been fortunate enough to
travel the world to follow his passion.

Laura J. Howard also grew up in the Mid-West where she met Rich. Laura
went to college at the University of California, Santa Barbara where she
studied marine mammals. Upon graduation, Laura worked as a Dolphin Trainer
in Ohio. Rich and Laura are a great team as Laura is very good at finding all
the creatures that Rich, the main photographer, ultimately photographs.
Recently, Laura has picked up an underwater video camera, and has shot
some amazing video.

Rich's work has been featured in multiple, national advertising campaigns,
magazines (TIME magazine), calendars, greeting cards, Aquarium supply
packaging, catalogs, websites and promotional pieces for The Newport
Aquarium to just name a few. Custom prints grace the homes of aquarium
enthusiasts as well as on several private yacht's and hotel lobbies.
"Surfing Killer Whales" was filmed during Rich and Laura‘s stay at the 5-Star Costa Baja Resort and Spa. This luxurious resort made diving a dream. The beautiful grounds, peaceful beaches and outstanding customer service made for a once in a lifetime experience. Click here to book your next get-away!
The Florida Aquarium is a proud partner with Oceans of Images Photography and is honored to display their amazing photography throughout their aquarium. Click here to plan your next visit!