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The 2024 trip to Raja Ampat is fully booked! - Stay tuned for our trip list featuring 2025 adventures. Have a destination in mind-let us know! We are happy to custom create an itinerary for you, including expert trip guides.

La Paz, Mexico - this was a stunning trip filled with whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions, humpback whales, leaping mobula rays and grey whales. Heck- we were even spoiled and saw a blue whale. La Paz never disappoints and will be back on our itinerary soon..

Socorro Islands - This live aboard represented the first time many of our travelers experienced true live aboard diving. Although the weather was not the best, we were still treated to dolphins, mantas, sharks, rays and more fish then imaginable.

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Guadalupe Great White Sharks - We feel so blessed to have done this live aboard trip multiple times, each time seeing these graceful amazing creatures. We were even visited by the famous, “Lucy”, one of the largest female whites recorded in these waters. This trip will be missed as it is no longer open.

The Red Sea/ Cairo, Egypt - Our first live aboard / land tour combination, meant our group had an amazing time above and below the water. The live aboard staff truly became our BFF as we dove the amazing reefs of the Red Sea by day, and danced to “El Habibi” all night. Dolphins - both bottlenose and spinner, manta rays, turtles, hammerhead sharks, oceanic sharks and an array of clownfish, were the highlights of the diving. The added land tour of the Valley of the Queens and Cairo was a treat as we hit the museum, pyramids and even traversed the dessert on a camel with no name.

The Maldives land/live aboard package was a total success. Our guests flew in and spent a few days acclimating to the time change at The Hard Rock before boarding our week long live aboard. Although we sadly did not see whale sharks, huge mantas were abound and the week was filled with fun and celebrations. We had some amazing dives featuring; a sawtooth shark, 50 nurse sharks, a large tiger shark, massive rays, hundreds of eels and of course, amazing corals to boot.

Grand Cayman, Little Cayman Island- a two island hopper trip, we had a blast not only below the surface, but above it too. With schools of fish and turtles abound, the Caymans never disappoint.

Fiji and the Bligh Waters of the north island brought our guests a land based trip filled with stunning diving. We lucked out with perfect, completely flat oceans and special guests to include pilot whales, dolphins, turtles and anthias fish in the billions. What an amazing resort and wonderful group! This will have to be repeated.

whale swimming underwater
whale swimming underwater

August 2024 Trip Full- Traveling north to Churchill Canada to visit the yearly migration of beluga whales and polar bears.

whale swimming underwater
whale swimming underwater

June 2024 (private tour)- Traveling to South Africa to experience the greatest shoal on earth in the Sardin Run off Port St. John.