What We Do

Founded in 1996, Oceans of Images collection features breathtaking stock photography and video capturing the beauty of marine life. From majestic sharks and whales to playful dolphins, we offer custom licensing to the meet your specific needs. Media includes still photography, HD/4K video, drone footage and studio work. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean and allow us to create custom decor, clothing, and fine prints to satisfy your underwater tastes. Need a family friendly, engaging speaker at your next event? Check out our public speaking topics or let us create a “talk” for your venue. With extensive experience working with public and private aquariums, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to photograph ambassador animals on site. We love working with our conservation driven aquariums and zoos!

Thinking of taking the plunger yourself? Would you like a little help with your own underwater photography? Check out our Dive Travel page and join us on our next underwater adventure.

How can we bring the wonder of the ocean to your next project or vacation? Give us a call and find out!